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Keynote: Improving Patient and Employee Experiences in Main Line Health with Luke Olenoski

CIO Luke Olenoski shares Main Line Health’s priorities, initiatives and investments. What are the challenges and advantages of transitioning from a career in finance to a leadership role in healthcare?How can healthcare organizations prepare for disruptive technologies like AI and ensure they are ready to embrace the changes? What strategies can CIOs employ to prioritize areas of improvement in the patient experience? How can IT teams collaborate effectively with architects, builders, and designers during the process of opening a new care facility? How can healthcare organizations approach the issue of legacy equipment and prioritize investments for modernization? What approaches can be taken to enhance the employee experience and create a positive work environment within healthcare organizations?

Key Points:
- Mainline Health: Overview and services
- Innovation and standardization in delivering care
- Patient experience
- Employee experience enhancement
- Digital engagement
- Legacy equipment
- Risk-based maintenance approach
- Main Line Health -

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