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Keynote: Impact of Cross System Communication with Brett Oliver, Lacy Knight, and Matthew Sullivan

In this episode, Brett Oliver, CMIO of Baptist Health System KY & IN, Lacy Knight, CHIO at Piedmont Healthcare, and Matthew Sullivan, CMIO of Atrium Healthcare, have open discussion around a variety of topics. Is AI at its current stage worth the challenges it poses in terms of cost, efficiency, and interoperability. They delve into the complexities of adopting AI platforms, the need for standardization in imaging technologies, and the role of clinical decision support in enhancing patient care. Thought-provoking questions arise, such as: How can healthcare organizations balance the rising costs of AI implementation with the imperative to drive down overall healthcare expenditures? What strategies can be employed to overcome the challenges of integrating disparate imaging systems and ensuring seamless data exchange? How can CMIOs leverage their influence to navigate organizational complexities and drive technological innovation in healthcare?

Key Points:
- Brett Oliver -
- Baptist Health System KY & IN -
- Lacy Knight -
- Piedmont Healthcare -
- Matthew Sullivan -
- Atrium Healthcare -
- Smooth AI Integration
- Imaging Standardization
- Clinical Decision Support
- Cross System Communication
- Large vs. Small System Issues

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