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The nature of healthcare is changing and many, including Frank Harvey, CEO of Surescripts, have some predictions. Physicians will take up the role of primary care provider once again and the legislature will shift to aid in preventing physician burnout. This is a big problem because what happens when 150,000 physicians pull out of the occupation? How will these transitions impact the big players like CVS and how will it impact IDNs? With pharmacists peaking patient’s trust and time, we need to better our compensation structures and legislature. What does the new competition in the field, Walmart and Minute Clinic mean for healthcare? How will hospitals grow their interoperability? Will specialty medications play an even larger role? There is a cooperative future in healthcare and we are working towards closer working relationships all over.

Key Points:
- 20% of primary care physicians plan to retire over the next two years.
- In the first half of this year, over 10 and a half million messages have gone back and forth between physicians and pharmacists
- The pharmacists see patients on average 35 times a year while their primary care doctor sees them only 4 on average.
- 30% of rural healthcare systems will close within the next year
- 21st Century Cures’ requirements on the providers and payers
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