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Keynote: Governance, Culture, and Cancer Care Innovations with Buddy Hickman

Delve into the nuanced world of healthcare technology through the lens of Buddy Hickman, the Chief Digital and Information Officer at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. As Buddy shares insights from his first 100 days at Roswell and reflects on his extensive experience in the field, they explore the unique challenges and innovations specific to cancer care technology. How does governance influence the efficiency and effectiveness of IT in healthcare? What role does digital transformation play in enhancing patient care at a cancer center? And, as healthcare technology evolves, what are the implications for data management and AI in improving patient outcomes? These thoughtful considerations frame our discussion, providing an inside look at the intersection of technology and patient care in specialized medical settings.

Key Points:
- Buddy Hickman -
- Roswell Park - v
- Governance in Healthcare
- Cancer Center Challenges
- AI and Data Management
- Upcoming Health Professionals
- Overburdening IT

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