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Keynote: Generating Meaningful and Long Lasting Outcomes With Christopher Longhurst

In this episode of Keynote, Dr. Christopher Longhurst, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Digital Officer at the UC San Diego, in a deep dive into the transformative impact of AI in healthcare. Chris shares insights into real-world applications of AI, emphasizing the importance of process redesign and ongoing monitoring in achieving meaningful outcomes. From enhancing patient care through AI-driven sepsis detection to the ethical considerations in deploying AI in clinical settings, the conversation delves into the complexities and potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Thought-provoking questions emerge: How can healthcare leaders navigate the AI journey amidst resource constraints? What role does transparency play in ensuring the safe and ethical integration of AI? And what implications does AI have for the future of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes?

Key Points:
- AI and Clinicians
- Process Redesign
- Patient Outcomes
- Clinician Burnout
- AI Patient Monitoring

AI principles
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Sepsis AI
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Generative AI pilot to answer patient messages
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Jacobs Center for Health Innovation
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