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Keynote: Five Years at This Week Health - In the Weeds with Your Community; A Look Back at TownHall

Mobile health innovation doesn't have to be about reinventing the wheel. It can start with conversations. Today we sit down with our TownHall Hosts to celebrate the inaugural year of our This Week Health Community channel. Join Sue Schade, Principal, StarBridge Advisors, Mark Weisman, CIO & CMIO at TidalHealth, Reid Stephan, Vice President and CIO, St. Lukes, Karla Azola, Director of Information Technology, HealthONE, Linda Yang, CIO Data and Strategic Initiatives, Discover Claims and Lee Milligan, CIO at SimonMed.

Key Points:
Why are AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so important for the future of healthcare?
Hospital at Home is going to take off in the next few years
How can we improve valued based care and health equity?


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