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Keynote: Five Years at This Week Health - A Look Back at What New Stories Rocked Health IT

Welcome to a special End of Year episode where Bill sits down with our regular Newsday hosts. Drex DeFord from CrowdStrike, Patty Hayward of Talkdesk, Dr Colin Banas of DrFirst and Ryan Witt from Proofpoint. If you could sum up the biggest 2022 healthcare IT news headlines in a couple of words, what would they be? What are CIOs and CEOs doing to tackle these issues? How can we shape tomorrow so that the future of healthcare embraces more technology, more information, more innovation and a different delivery model with the patient as the ultimate consumer?

Key Points:
Healthcare is ripe for more disruption which is going to be painful for traditional providers
If you spend all of your executive leadership time figuring out how to survive, you don't actually ever figure out how to thrive
We need automation that has a good hard dollar return


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