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Keynote: Encouraging Positive Innovation and Securing the Future of Healthcare with Hal Baker

Hal Baker, CIO of Wellspan Health, joins Bill to explore the dynamic interplay between technology and patient care, focusing on the integration of electronic health records, ambient listening technologies, and AI advancements. How is Wellspan Health harnessing these technologies to enhance patient experience and clinical efficiency? What insights can Dr. Baker provide from his extensive career in healthcare? The discussion also navigates the challenges and opportunities of implementing healthcare technology while maintaining a patient-centric approach. This episode invites listeners to contemplate the future of healthcare IT: what will be the next significant breakthrough, and how will it transform patient care and clinical practice?

Key Points:
- Hal Baker -
- Wellspan Health -
- Building a Constructive Culture
- Patient-Focused IT Solutions
- Ethical Health Records
- Generating Lasting Impact
- Clinician Burnout and AI

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