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Keynote: Digital Transformation, AI, and the Future of Pediatric Care with Shakeeb Akhter

Shakeeb Akhter, Chief Digital & Information Officer of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, delves deep into the intricate workings and developments at the oldest pediatric institution in the country. Ahkter unfolds the tripartite mission of research, education, and high-quality clinical care of Children's Hospital. The conversation explores how they are utilizing AI and Automation, digitizing care models, and enhancing digital experience to improve patient care and healthcare accessibility. Moreover, Akhtar provides insight into their successful implementation of digital workflow, transformation and data-driven approach—a leading example for many healthcare institutions. So, when we think about harnessing data for improving healthcare, what image does Children's Hospital of Philadelphia bring to mind?

Key Points:
- AI and Automation
- Digitization of Care
- Data-Driven Healthcare
- Effective Workflow Implementation

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