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Keynote: Data Autonomy, Diverse Communities, and Preventative Medicine with Sophy Lu

Sophy Lu, SVP / CIO of Northwell Health, shares about patient ownership of health records and the possibilities that open up when one can freely share their data. How does this autonomy in data sharing translate to receiving care tailored to personal preferences, and what barriers does the diversity and socio-economic disparities pose to this vision? The discussion delves deep into the challenges of implementing comprehensive EHR systems and the pressing need for preventative medicine, touching upon the role of technology in reaching underserved communities. What does it truly mean to implement person-centered design in healthcare, and how does the ideal scenario where technology assists unnoticed, contribute to this vision? The conversation takes a critical look at billing, revenue cycle, and regulatory matters stifle innovation. As Sophy shares her ambitious timeline for implementing EHR and associated technological transformations, one cannot help but wonder: how will these changes redefine care delivery, and what does it mean for the future of healthcare?

Key Points:
- Northwell Health:
- Patient Data Ownership
- Socio-economic healthcare obstacles
- Diverse Community Engagement
- Preventative Medicine Focus
- EHR Implementation Challenges

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