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Keynote: Customer Centric Care, Future of Telehealth, and Lessons from The Masters with Jeff Sturman

In this keynote episode featuring Jeffrey Sturman, the CIO for Memorial Healthcare System, delves deep into a fascinating comparison between the healthcare sector and the Masters tournament, exploring the distinct values driving each industry. What might we glean when we compare the workflow of the Masters tournament and healthcare systems, and what does this reveal about the core values driving each industry? As consumer experience becomes a priority, what key changes can truly enhance the patient journey? What barriers might they encounter, and what digital tools could help overcome these for a smoother patient flow? In discussing staffing issues, How does this influences patient flow, care quality, and overall efficiency. With a growing remote workforce, how can healthcare maintain a robust organizational culture, and what long-term effects might these strategies bring about? Is healthcare a "black hole", and how this narrative could shape digital tool adoption and strategic focus?

Key Points:
- Customer-Centric Operations
- Efficient Workflow Implementation
- Command Centers in Healthcare
- Patient Flow Challenges
- Staffing Issues in Healthcare
- Maintaining Organizational Culture
- Remote Patient Monitoring
- AI and Automation Adoption

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