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Keynote: Cultivating Real Impact Through Leadership and Focus with Chuck Podesta

In this episode, Chuck Podesta, CIO of Renown Health, delves into the intricacies of healthcare IT leadership, particularly the challenges of budget management and the responsible implementation of emerging technologies like AI. Podesta shares his experiences and strategies for transitioning from a 7% to a 4% budget, emphasizing the importance of aligning IT investments with organizational goals. He also discusses the need for education, governance, and collaboration to ensure the successful integration of AI into healthcare systems. Thought-provoking questions arise: How can CIOs balance budget constraints while driving innovation? What role should education play in preparing healthcare leaders for the AI revolution? How can organizations navigate the pressure to adopt trendy technologies while prioritizing value and patient care?

Key Points:
- Chuck Podesta -
- Renown Health -
- Healthcare IT Budgeting
- Responsible AI Implementation
- Organizational Governance
- Leadership
- At Home Solutions

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