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Keynote: Cone Health's Innovative Digital Approach to Healthcare and Wellness with Ben Patel

June 30, 2023: CIO Ben Patel shares how Cone Health's approach to community health and wellness, including partnerships with schools and businesses, contribute to reducing health disparities and improving overall population health. How can the integration of healthcare and wellness through a digital platform like Sage revolutionize the way patients and consumers approach their overall well-being? What are the potential benefits and challenges of implementing a comprehensive health and wellness app like Sage in healthcare organizations? How can the concept of a digital ecosystem, built on top of existing EMR and CRM systems, enhance patient experiences and improve healthcare outcomes? How might the integration of an e-commerce function into a healthcare app impact consumer behavior and choices related to health and wellness products? What are the potential long-term effects of promoting a holistic approach to healthcare that combines traditional medical care with wellness initiatives, and how might it influence the future of the healthcare industry?

Key Points:
- Business strategies and priorities
- Digital transformation and IT roadmap
- Integration of healthcare and wellness
- Sage program and personalized care plans
- Telehealth and virtual visits
- School-based telehealth program
- Development team and partnerships.

"The Patient Experience - A Technology Perspective" is a live webinar that explores the intersection of healthcare and technology, focusing on enhancing the patient experience. As healthcare systems prioritize patient-centered care, leveraging technology becomes crucial. Join us on July 6th, 1:00 PM ET and join the discussion! Register Here -

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