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Keynote - Charles Boicey

Today we walk through the impressive resume of Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense. Beginning as a Paramedic, moving to Nursing and working at the LA county USC Medical Center in the 80s and 90s in the thick of a unit filled with gunshots, stabbings and other mayhem from man versus man. Moving on to Nurse Manager, Senior Clinical Project Manager. Completing Computer Science, Technology and Management degrees. Next was Clinical Informatics Officer then Informatics Solutions Architect at UCI followed by Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Social Health Insights. Charles is currently a Professor at Stony Brook and leader of Clearsense. He believes the doctor of the future will give no medication, but in the interest of patients give care of the human frame in diet and the cause and prevention of disease. Charles is dedicating his career to engaging people, not in healthcare, but in health.

Key Points:
The number one thing that's tweeted about hospitals is …. food!
The end product isn't what's in your head. It's what the clinical staff needs.
Technology is improving exponentially and the need for technology is exponential.
What does it look like when data governance is done right?


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