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Keynote: Cedars-Sinai’s Technological Transformation: ERP Systems and Beyond with Craig Kwiatkowski

Craig Kwiatkowski, CIO of Cedars-Sinai, shares the intricate balance of spearheading technology initiatives at one of the leading healthcare institutions in this keynote. As Kwiatkowski reflects on his journey from VP of application portfolio to the CIO chair, we delve into the transformative strides Cedars-Sinai has taken under his guidance, especially the monumental ERP system implementation. This conversation prompts us to ponder: How does a massive ERP project not only revolutionize back-office operations but also indirectly impact patient care? Furthermore, as we pivot to 2024's horizon, Kwiatkowski shares insights on prioritizing projects that center on not just technological advancements but the human element—patients and caregivers alike. But in the whirlwind of innovation, how does Cedars-Sinai remain anchored in operational excellence and ensure technology serves its foundational mission of healthcare delivery?

Key Points:
- ERP System Implementation
- CS Connect Platform
- AI and Innovation
- Cedars-Sinai -

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