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Keynote: Bridging Mass Data to Rich Insights and Predictive Analytics with Shez Partovi

Join Shez Partovi, the Enterprise Informatics Chief Business Leader at Philips as they navigate the next curve of the health tech evolution. They delve into the ocean of data within the modern health landscape, raising the reflective debate: How do we transform mass data into real insights? With an in-depth look into the recent guidance AI is showing, especially in medical imaging, they consider what this future technology can unveil. What light does this shed on a path for untangling modern complexities in care? They challenge the goals, the 'what now' and the courses set out for an average health player by Partovi's deep assessment and front-line sites. Facing ahead, it's all about streamlining the healthcare process with technology without neglecting the patient.

Key Points:
- Shez Partovi -
- Philips -
- Interpreting Mass Data
- Reaching Underserved Communities
- Creating a Positive Customer Interaction
- AI Interpreting Health Records
- Allocating Resources Effectively

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