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Keynote: Breaking Barriers: Remote vs In Person and Building Partnerships with Alistair Erskine

Alistair Erskine, Chief Information and Digital Officer / VP for Digital Health at Emory, delves into the transformative impact of large language models and ambient listening technologies. As healthcare professionals increasingly adopt AI tools for note-taking and summarizing patient interactions, what are the implications for efficiency and patient understanding of medical information? The conversation explores how these technologies not only cut down the time spent on documentation but also hold the promise of making medical notes more accessible to patients by converting them to a fifth-grade reading level. What qualities and shared visions set apart a productive partnership, and how does this relationship contribute to advancing healthcare’s mission of saving lives and providing equitable care?

Key Points:
- Emory:
- AI in Healthcare Documentation
- AI Recorded Medical Notes
- Innovative staff engagement
- Vendor and Partner Relationships
- Navigating remote work

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