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Keynote: Balancing Technology Advancements and Legacy Data with Christian Carmody

Christian Carmody, CTO & SVP at UPMC, delves into the profound transformation of analytics and data use within healthcare, tracing the journey from the late 1990s to the present day. How has the advent of cloud technology redefined the way healthcare data is processed, and what does this mean for patient care? They explore the significant shift from traditional, time-consuming data aggregation methods to the rapid, cloud-enabled processes that now support predictive modeling and AI-driven analytics at UPMC. The discussion raises critical questions about the ongoing challenges of integrating legacy systems and the innovative solutions being implemented. How are AI and generative AI being leveraged to enhance patient outcomes, and in what ways are these technologies addressing the complexities of unstructured data and social determinants of health? Join us as they consider the implications of these advancements for the future of healthcare and patient management.

Key Points:
- Cristian Carmody -
- UPMC -
- Cloud Technology Impact
- AI Ethics in Patient Care
- Data Aggregation Challenges
- Creating Team Culture
- Managing Company Growth and Cuts

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