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Keynote: AltaMed's Digital Shift, Managed Care, and Clinical Informatics with Dr. Eric Lee

Dr. Eric Lee, the Medical Director of Clinical Informatics at AltaMed, engages in a deep dive into the integration of technology and healthcare services at one of the nation's largest federally qualified health centers. They explore how AltaMed leverages its position to manage care for a vast and diverse patient base across L.A. and Orange Counties. How does the implementation of technological innovations like EPIC's Chronicles claims loader and digital tools address quality measures and improve patient outcomes? What strategies does AltaMed employ to navigate the challenges of Medi-Cal expansions and the integration of clinical informatics? These questions are explored, shedding light on the practical implications of digital transformation in a healthcare setting focused on underserved communities.

Key Points:
- Eric Lee -
- AltaMed -
- Digital Transformation Journey
- Managed Care Challenges
- Clinical Informatics Integration
- Serving Impoverished Communities
- Adapting EHR Systems

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