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Keynote: AI Announcements, Patient Engagement, and the Future of Emergency Medicine with Kevin Maloy

In this episode of This Week Health Dr. Kevin Maloy, Professor of Innovation at Georgetown University School of Medicine. As they explore the innovative applications of OpenAI API in medical projects at MedStar, questions arise about the potential of conversational technologies to redefine patient engagement and the traditional call center model. How can the integration of AI in call centers shift the focus towards patient-oriented outcomes? With the advent of GPT and other AI models, what are the implications for prompt engineering and the ease of accessing medical information? And as healthcare IT evolves, how might the ambient listening technologies and AI-assisted documentation change the landscape of emergency medicine and patient care? This episode not only highlights the current projects and insights from Dr. Malloy also prompts a broader discussion on the future intersection of AI, healthcare, and patient interaction.

Key Points:
- Kevin Maloy -
- Georgetown University School of Medicine -
- Patient Engagement Centers
- Ambient Listening Technology
- AI Advancements
- Responsible Technology Use
- Unique Emergency Medical Challenges

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