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Keynote: Agile Approaches, Patient Care Innovations, and Leadership Diversity with Lori Boisjoli

Lori Boisjoli, CIO of the University of Vermont Health Network, explores the transformational journey of implementing Agile methodologies across IT departments and its impact on healthcare delivery. How does Agile foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation in healthcare IT? What challenges and successes has UVM faced in integrating this approach? The conversation then shifts to patient-centric healthcare: what innovative strategies is UVM deploying to enhance patient experiences and accessibility? As a female leader in a prestigious academic medical center, Boisjoli shares her unique perspective on leadership and diversity in healthcare IT.

Key Points:
- Vermont Health Network -
- Agile Methodology Implementation
- Patient-Centric Healthcare Strategies
- Leadership Diversity in Healthcare
- Scheduling efficiency
- Security and at Home Care

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