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Keynote: Advancing Technology, Easing the Patient Experience, and Addressing Burnout at CHOC

VP and CIO of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), John Henderson shares CHOC’s 2023 priorities, current technological advancements, and more. How is CHOC expanding its population health program and reaching out to other primary care practices in Orange County? How is CHOC creating a data fabric across its network to provide population health, especially with closely aligned primary care practices that are not part of its health system? How can technology be used to provide a standardized yet personalized patient experience in healthcare call centers? What are the top three things that patients want from a digital front door in healthcare? How important is convenience in healthcare technology, and how can healthcare providers balance patient desires with internal priorities? How can automation technology help improve healthcare and why do some people fear it?

Key Points:
- CHOC's top priorities
- Expanding population health program
- Creating a data fabric
- Challenges with data sharing and integration
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We invite you to join us May 4, 1pm ET as we discuss different types of analytics used in healthcare and how they can gain insights into health data. Let's work together to create a more efficient, effective, and modern healthcare system with data governance and analytics strategies. Register Here -

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