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Keynote: A Conversation With Former CIOs: Wisdom, Advice, and Anecdotes

Former CIOs Stephanie Lahr, current President of Artisight, and Lee Milligan, current SVP and CIO of SimonMed Imaging, join Bill for a conversation about the CIO role. What are the real challenges that CIOs in healthcare are facing today? How can CIOs manage the financial pressures faced by healthcare systems while maintaining the quality of care? How can CIOs work with other executives to effectively manage healthcare systems? How can financial pressures be addressed while maintaining innovation within an organization?

Key Points:
- CIOs in healthcare
- Computer Vision Algorithms
- Healthcare spending and financial pressures
- Implementing new technology without disrupting workflows
- Alignment of leadership teams
- Artisight -
- SimonMed -

We invite you to join us May 4, 1pm ET as we discuss different types of analytics used in healthcare and how they can gain insights into health data. Let's work together to create a more efficient, effective, and modern healthcare system with data governance and analytics strategies. Register Here -

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