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Keynote: A Conversation with CHIME Founder John Glaser of Harvard Medical School

It started with a doodle on a napkin and has grown into a movement that’s helping to transform healthcare. John Glaser, Executive in Residence at Harvard Medical School is the man who helped found CHIME and envisioned the formal role of CIO. How has CHIME evolved over the years? How does it help CIOs to network, share ideas and support each other? What is the CIO of the Past? The CIO of the Present? The CIO of the Future? How did the CIO role transform from the sole authority on IT to team player? How can CIO's pay it forward to the next generation of leaders?

Key Points:
Your leadership style is a composite of the styles of people you've interacted with
By being a role model and being authentic you are paying it forward
Act with integrity and conviction because people will watch you. Your staff watches you.

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