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Keynote: A CIO’s Perspective: Tech Debt, Enterprise Imaging, Budgeting, and More

Between financial pressures and the worker shortage, healthcare is under siege. There are many options for prioritizing in 2023. CIOs Brad Reimer (Sanford Health), Aaron Miri (Baptist Health), and Craig Richardville (Intermountain Healthcare) share their perspective in the realm of tech debt, how to get in front of CIOs, and interoperability. What does digital front door mean? How can vendors get in front of CIOs? What are the top clinical initiatives that are driving healthcare forward? How can you prioritize the patient experience while making sound business and financial decisions?

Key Points:
- Investing in consolidation and automation to combat employees moving to companies like Amazon
- Single Imaging Platform and Enterprise Imaging Centralization
- Acceptable and unacceptable tech debt
- Remote work versus relationally driven healthcare environments

We understand that staying ahead of the curve regarding Security Priorities can be challenging. Join us, April 6, 1:00pm, for this webinar to learn how CISOs in healthcare address Security Priorities for 2023 – insights that can help keep your healthcare organization safe and secure.

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