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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24 - Pete D'Addio, Steve Eckert, & Zane Burke

Today on the Conference channel, it’s a triple Interview in Action live from ViVE 2024. First, Sarah Richardson speaks with Steve Eckert, Chief Technology Officer at Cook Children’s Health Care System. How does one navigate the overwhelming influx of projects while maintaining a stable, financially sound organization? Eckert discusses the delicate balance of innovation and operation, shedding light on the art of saying 'no' in a way that propels growth rather than hindrance. Furthermore, the conversation pivots towards the invaluable insights gained from networking and the pursuit of groundbreaking technologies at the conference.

Next, Bill speaks with Zane Burke, CEO and Board Member of Quantum Health. How does Quantum Health's unique approach to healthcare navigation redefine the way providers, employers, and patients interact within the healthcare ecosystem? What drives a leading healthcare network like Vanderbilt to embark on this pioneering journey, and how does it align with their commitment to patient care?

Last, Drex speaks with Pete D’Addio, Director of Enterprise Technology at Moffitt Cancer Center. Pete shares insights on how Moffitt is navigating the complexities of providing specialized care, emphasizing the importance of creating a seamless and compassionate experience for cancer patients. The discussion raises several thoughtful questions: How does the integration of technology in healthcare settings impact patient outcomes, especially in specialized care like oncology? In what ways can technology simplify the journey for patients undergoing emotionally and physically taxing treatments?

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