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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24 - Mike Smith, KLAS and David Ting, Tausight

Today on the Conference channel, it’s a double Interview in Action live from ViVE 2024. First, Bill speaks with Mike Smith, VP of Business Development at KLAS.As the healthcare landscape rapidly transforms, understanding how technological solutions are performing becomes paramount for advancing patient care. Mike shares how KLAS, through extensive provider feedback and analysis, identifies the "best in class" vendors, shining a light on who's excelling and who's faltering in delivering value to healthcare systems. In a world where technological categories are perpetually evolving, how does KLAS stay ahead, creating and adapting categories to fit the nuanced needs of healthcare providers? Next, Drex speaks with David Ting, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tausight. They delve deep into the complexities and advancements surrounding the integration and security of health information. As we explore the pressing question of how we can protect one of healthcare's most valuable commodities, PHI, from the incessant threat of cyberattacks, David sheds light on their innovative partnership with CrowdStrike and the pivot towards an event-driven database structure. How does Tausight leverage technology to not just react to threats but anticipate them by understanding the intricacies of PHI data movement and storage?

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