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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24 - Daniel Nigrin, MD, MaineHealth & Scott D'Entremont, Parlance

Today on the Conference channel, it’s a double Interview in Action live from ViVE 2024. First, Drex speaks with Daniel Nigrin, MD, Chief Information Officer at MaineHealth. The complexities of advancing healthcare systems post-pandemic take center stage as well as the interplay between established vendors and emerging innovators at conferences like ViVE. Does this synergy hint at a new era of collaboration in health technology, offering a beacon of hope for more agile and innovative healthcare solutions? Next, Bill speaks with Scott D’Entremont, Chief Revenue Officer at Parlance Corporation. Delving deep into how Parlance leverages its AI platform to streamline patient access, we discuss the critical role of efficiency, the reduction of system waste, and the intricacies of implementing conversational AI within contact centers. Is the current healthcare landscape ready to embrace such technological advancements for improved patient navigation?

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