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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24: Cybersecurity in the Zero Trust Age with Kate Pierce and Tamer Baker

In this 2024 ViVE IIA double feature health leaders Kate Pierce, Senior vCISO at Fortified Health Security, and Tamer Baker, CTO at Zscaler. Pierce delves into the complex landscape of healthcare cybersecurity, with a particular focus on third-party risks, the implications of the Change Healthcare breach, and the burgeoning field of zero trust. How are health systems navigating the murky waters of third-party risks, and what lessons can be drawn from recent breaches to fortify defenses? Then, Tamer explores the role of zero trust in safeguarding health data and systems in an era where traditional security perimeters no longer suffice. Further, the discussion sheds light on the significance of HHS's Cybersecurity Performance Goals and their potential impact on healthcare's cyber resilience. Through engaging conversations with experts Kate Pierce and Tamer Baker, this episode not only poses critical questions about the current state and future of healthcare cybersecurity but also offers valuable insights into the strategic approaches being adopted by leaders in the field.

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