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Interview in Action @ HIMSS and VIVE '24: Innovation With Didi Davis and Erica Williams

These interviews in action feature Drex DeFord, President, 229 Risk & Security at This Week Health with Didi Davis, VP, Informatics, Conformance & Interoperability of The Sequoia Project from HIMSS 2024 and Sarah Richardson, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer of Tivity Health is joined by Erica Williams, Regional Technology Officer of Ascension at ViVE 2024. Didi diving deep into the intricacies of healthcare IT, interoperability, and the transformative work being done at The Sequoia Project. With a rich background spanning 34 years in healthcare IT and a passion for improving data usability. But what does it truly take to make data more usable in the healthcare sector, and how can the Sequoia Project's initiatives, like the Interoperability Matters and the newly launched Data Usability Taking Root, pave the way for a more interconnected healthcare ecosystem? Moreover, how do these efforts contribute to the broader goals of provider-to-provider exchange, public health communication, and empowering consumers in their healthcare journey? Also Erica Williams navigates through the complexities and aspirations of modern healthcare systems, Erica shares her professional development journey, emphasizing the unpredictable yet invaluable learnings from ViVE. The conversation takes a deep dive into the critical challenge of interoperability within healthcare systems. But how does this quest for interoperability intersect with the enhancement of clinician experiences, from physicians to nurses? And in what ways can ambient solutions and AI components revolutionize the provider landscape?

Categories: AI/Machine Learning, interoperability, Leadership

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