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Interview In Action @ HIMSS 24’: The Path to Seamless Data Exchange in Healthcare with Semira Singh

In this episode of This Week Health, Bill Russell interviews Samira Singh, Director of Informatics for Providence, at HIMSS 2024. They delve into the intricacies of value-based care contracts, data exchange frameworks like FHIR, and the evolving landscape of healthcare interoperability. With discussions ranging from the challenges of closing care gaps to the future potential of standardized data sets, listeners are invited to ponder the role of regulation in driving healthcare standards, the impact of FHIR on bidirectional data exchange, and the necessity of financial data inclusion in interoperability efforts. How can professionals navigate the complexities of value-based care while ensuring data accuracy and accessibility for providers and payers alike? Can standardized frameworks like TEFCA pave the way for a more streamlined and efficient healthcare ecosystem? And how might the integration of financial performance reporting reshape the provider-payer relationship in the era of value-based care contracts?

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