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Interview in Action @ HIMSS '24: AI & Governance with Justin Coran, Steven Ramirez, and Perry Welch

First, we join Justin Coran, Chief Analytics Officer at Renown Health, and Steven Ramirez, Chief Information Security & Technology Officer at Renown Health, at the HIMSS conference. The duo shares their ambitious initiatives for the year, focusing on transitioning to a multi-cloud environment with AWS and Azure, and the importance of building a sustainable infrastructure that ensures security and prevents data leakage. They emphasize the critical role of analytics maturity in healthcare systems, highlighting the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize clinical and administrative operations. Governance and data literacy emerge as pivotal themes, underscoring the need to prepare the workforce for an AI-driven future. Then, we dive in with Perry Welch, Chief Sales Officer at Airwavz Solutions, a company at the forefront of solving in-building connectivity challenges within healthcare facilities. As hospitals and healthcare institutions evolve into sprawling complexes, the issue of reliable cellular service becomes increasingly critical, not just for convenience but for essential medical operations. Welch delves into how Airwavz addresses this problem by creating custom-designed, carrier-agnostic networks that ensure seamless communication within these complex environments.

Categories: Cloud, AI / Machine Learning

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