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Interview in Action @ CHIME '23 - Marshall Pearson, HCA Healthcare & Caitlin Ursini, Notable

Today on the Conference channel, it’s a double Interview in Action live from the 2023 CHIME Fall Forum. First, Karla Arzola, Chief Information Officer at Rocky Mountain Human Services speaks with Marshall Pearson, Division Director of Application Services at HCA Healthcare. How do established healthcare systems balance innovation with startup partnerships? Pearson speaks on ongoing projects to streamline processes like physician note-taking through AI, and gives us a glimpse into the promising future of 2024; a journey painted with the hues of process automation and an aspiration to simplify and compact repetitive tasks. Next, Reid Stephan, VP and CIO at St. Lukes speaks with Caitlin Ursini, Strategic Partnerships lead at Notable. Caitlin explains how Notable enhances the capabilities within Electronic Health Records for better optimization. One might wonder, how the rapid advancement in generative AI influenced Notable's strategy? More intriguing is the idea of transforming unstructured data for decision-making - how has this been realized practically? Real-world use cases shed light on the application of this concept, particularly in population health work.

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