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Interview in Action @ CHIME '23 - Kevin Wiese, CIO & Brad Reimer, CIO

Today on the Conference channel, it’s a double Interview in Action live from the 2023 CHIME Fall Forum. First, Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors speaks with Kevin Wiese, CIO at BestSelf Behavioral Health. Kevin talks about their mission to improve operational efficiency, become a leaner organization, and use technology to reduce manual tasks. He also shares insights on the use of artificial intelligence in health audits and cybersecurity, provoking thoughts on how technology can minimize risk and audit workloads. Next, Reid Stephan, VP and CIO at St. Lukes speaks with Brad Reimer, CIO at Sanford Health. They discuss the pressing challenges regularly faced by the healthcare industry, such as workforce and clinician burnout. Brad discusses the smaller, accumulative disruptions caused by current technology usage in healthcare. He suggests that reducing this incrementally intrusive technology might also lessen burnout. Are these points of friction within our technology enriching our lives or are they creating added stressors? Brad also discusses the need for human connection as we continue to merge the healthcare and technology industries. How can we embrace innovation but still maintain the fundamental human touch within the patient-caregiver relationship?

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