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Interview in Action @ CHIME '23 - David Higginson, Phoenix Children's Hospital

Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from the 2023 CHIME Fall Forum. On this episode Reid Stephan, VP and CIO at St. Lukes speaks with David Higginson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Phoenix Children's Hospital. They discuss innovative strategies in healthcare, with a focus on home care and utilization of technology according to patients' needs and accessibility. David stresses the importance of gathering patient data between visits and leveraging simple tech solutions, like text messaging, to better identify and resolve issues promptly. The episode also touches on the challenges and benefits of digital patient experience, the role of CIOs as change agents, and the necessity for innovation in healthcare to lower costs and increase quality. Is there a risk in running too quick to full deployment of technology in the home?

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