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Interview in Action @ CHIME '23 Bobby Zarr, VP of Healthcare, uPerform

Today on the Conference channel, it’s an Interview in Action live from the 2023 CHIME Fall Forum with Bobby Zarr, Vice President of Healthcare at uPerform. As we delved into the many layers of the healthcare world, Bobby elaborated on uPerform's role in providing just-in-time learning platforms for clinicians, potentially reducing burnout and enhancing satisfaction. Bobby introduces the term 'burnover', which encapsulates the financial implications of clinician burnout. Could uPerform be a key player in addressing this crisis? We also touched upon the changing landscape of healthcare, with fierce competition and an intense post-pandemic recovery process. We also got a glimpse into uPerform's plans for the forum, the networking experiences, and the importance of making new connections. What are the roadblocks and opportunities in incorporating change in an industry already loaded with challenges?

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