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How will a New CIO Prioritize and Compete in a World of Healthcare Consumerism and Staff Shortage?

What do the first 100 days look like in a CIO role? What if you have really big boots to fill? Craig Kwiatkowski, Senior VP and CIO at Cedars-Sinai is carrying the torch to ensure that Cedars-Sinai’s unwavering focus on providing quality, safe, equitable and high value patient care stays on track. How does a pharmacist background help you in a CIO role? How do you navigate the healthcare delivery system so that it functions smoothly between the physician, the nurse and the patient? How do you ensure precision, accuracy, logic and safety? What is Cedars-Sinai doing to make the clinician's life easier, more productive and more satisfying? How are they approaching consumers of healthcare in their market? What are they doing to transform that experience?

Key Points:
Pharmacists are good at closing care gaps, developing plans, patient advocacy and navigating the healthcare delivery system
It’s the little things that accumulate that we need to pay attention to, sometimes more so than some big grand reveal.
If anyone can disrupt healthcare, Amazon can. They're willing and maybe more importantly, they can afford to try and fail.


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