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How Does a Chief Nursing Informatics Officer Optimize Care for Patients, Providers and Staff?

UCSF Medical Center is at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare. What tools should you have in place to make digital transformation possible? What are the foundational elements? Kay Burke, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer reveals what a nursing background can bring into this role of innovation. How can we make our many fragmented workflows more integrated or automated? What are the specific challenges that UCSF is addressing? How is UCSF thinking about technology and data in support of care?

Key Points:
Nurse informaticists are nurses who advance technology through the adoption of standardized tools and methods, really creating value for the clinician's utilization of information systems
What does a room personalization project entail?
It’s not just change management. There's also the incremental innovation that goes on in the day to day.

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