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How do Mid-size Health Systems get Funding for Investments That Will Spark Innovation?

How do mid-size health systems get funding for investments that will spark innovation? Joel Vengco, SVP and Chief Information & Digital Officer at Hartford HealthCare and Jeffrey Sturman, Senior VP & CIO at Memorial Healthcare System join us today to discuss. How do you narrow down your investment focus? What are the primary benefits of an innovator working with a health system? How does this funding stand up from a governance standpoint? What role do other health systems play in the investing process? How do you de-risk investments?

Key Points:
What defines success for your innovation program?
What if we created a channel, an environment, a platform where our internal and external collaborators could work with us to solve problems?
What are some of the innovation opportunities that come out of venture capital relationships?
Health systems are working together to de-risk some of the things that they're doing


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