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How a Project Manager can Help Lock Down Your Healthcare Environment & Build Cyber Security Defense

With so many enterprise solutions on the market, how do you even begin to pull the teams together to drive a robust world class solution to lock down your healthcare environment? That’s where hiring a Project Management company comes in. Jeremy Ognall, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Gordian sits down for a fireside chat today with Bill to discuss delivering complex security projects to protect your health system. Whether it’s crisis management, agile project management or putting together teams to solve complex problems, Gordian knows how to protect your health system’s assets. During this episode we ponder: How do you integrate into a team and really understand how they operate as a system? What makes a successful project?

Key Points:
There's a lot of people who have the project management designation and qualifications, but aren't necessarily adept to running an enterprise level project
We integrate the various vendors, CrowdStrike, Palo Alto, Tanium, Proofpoint and Microsoft into our healthcare client’s systems
Getting people to buy into the vision and work together collaboratively on a daily basis is critical
How does a rugby coaching career apply to the security paradigm?


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