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From Start-Ups to Big Tech and Click and Mortar Hybrid Models in Healthcare with Missy Krasner

Missy Krasner is a digital health pioneer hailing from Google, Box and Amazon. She now sits as Venture Chair at Redesign Health. They elevate healthcare companies that empower people to live their healthiest lives. The current healthcare service model is not as good as it can be. In what areas can healthcare serve patients better? How do venture companies determine what area is next to improve upon? What are some of the companies that Redesign is supporting? How does Redesign empower entrepreneurs? How do you approach this from a global perspective? And is there a world in which a big tech company buys a health system or a hospital?

Key Points:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:05:30 - Redesign Health empowers entrepreneurs to redesign the world's health care system in service to patients
00:12:00 - Google and Amazon have really figured out how to appeal to consumers through the entire experience of the technology that they offer. The user experience that they offer. And the brand that they offer.
00:19:05 - One area of healthcare that is fascinating is elder care
00:29:05 - Google is very good at AI. They're very good at predictive analytics. And they're very good at finding data and using the data to actually predict outcomes.

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