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Evolving Care Spaces with Clinical Device Management: What is the CIO Responsible For?

Managing medical devices within a hospital can be extremely challenging. Expand to care at home and you’ve got an even bigger problem. Health systems can have more than 20,000 medical devices on a network. And with a 12-15 year useful life, it’s not uncommon to have to think about managing security over a very long period of time. What are the frontline solutions to address the sheer magnitude of this issue? Theresa Meadows, SVP & CIO at Cook Children's and Greg Murphy, CEO of Ordr share their expertise, experience and knowledge of medical device security. How do you keep up with updates? How do you ensure devices are running at the correct level or even just in good functioning order? When is it time to upgrade? What makes one solution stand out from the rest?

Key Points:
One of the challenges is just downright finding these devices. There's so many of them.
Tools are able to identify these devices a lot easier so that we can help our clinical staff to be more efficient


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