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End of Year: Best of TWH Bloopers

In this unique episode of This Week Health, host Bill Russell brings us a playful take on candid moments, outtakes, and chatter that didn't make it to the original interviews. With guest appearances from the interviewees over the last year, they delve into an array of topics while keeping the conversation light-hearted. Are the bloopers sometimes more interesting than the official conversation? Which ideas and quips were too unconventional to make it into the original interview? What kind of insights does Russell's off-the-cuff commentary reveal about the evolution of technology in healthcare? Interestingly, throughout these seemingly silly moments, we notice glimpses of valuable insights that could spark thoughtful discussions on healthcare and technology.

Key Points:
- Candid Interview Moments
- In-the-Moment Outtake
- Informal Expert Discussions
- Digital Transformation Insights

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