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Elevating the Human Experience: From Public Health to Innovation at Atrium Health

What was it like in the early stages of the pandemic through the eyes of a Secretary of Family and Social Services? Jen Sullivan who is now the Senior Vice President Strategic Operations at Atrium Health shares her thrilling and beautifully put story about handling the crisis, the vaccine rollout and other logistics at the state level through her fascinating lens. During the episode we ponder: What is the current status of the data infrastructure between states and health systems? How can we build behavioral health in an integrated way? How do we build novel delivery systems of care that go to people rather than our historic way where people have to come to us? What kind of magic happens when you combine an innovation hub and medical school all in one space? How can we best train our next generation of physicians? Are we seeing more virtual technology being used? How is that augmenting the training experience?

Key Points:
When people looking at a health system, they're really looking for a partner in health
One of my favorite evolutions of public health is precision public health
How do you hire the right people and create an environment in which they can practice empathy?

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