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Effectiveness of Synergies and Governance in Collaborating CIO Teams Working Towards Implementation

Today on TownHall, Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors talks with the Boston Children’s Hospital duo of Heather Nelson, SVP & Chief Information Officer and John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer about effective collaboration between their two teams. What projects are they working together on currently? How do they go from a pilot to a successful house-wide implementation? What advice would Heather give to fellow Chief Information Officers on working more effectively with their Chief Innovation Officers?

Webinar: How’s Your Front Line? Recruit, Retain and Optimize Your Cybersecurity Team - Thu Aug 11 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT
“Cybersecurity-what’s your emergency?”
“We need help. It’s an attack.”
“Hello? Hello!”
What can we do about the staffing shortage in cybersecurity? With research suggesting that nearly a third of the cybersecurity workforce is planning to leave the industry in the near future, organizations are left in a worrisome position, especially as attack surfaces are growing. So, where do we move forward from here knowing that we are facing low numbers in the field already and it’s likely to get even worse?

Webinar: Don’t Pay The Ransom - Thu Aug 18 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT
Is your health system paying out for attacks on your data? How can we stop the cycle?
Rubrik is offering incredible insight into the arising issues in cyber resilience in ransomware attacks, cloud data management with securing Epic in Azure, and unstructured data. In this webinar, we analyze the best practices to initiate in our hospital systems.


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