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Conference Campaign: How Can SureTest’s Automation Solution Save You Time and Provide ROI?

With the rise of staffing challenges, CEO of SureTest, Laura O’Toole shares their fully managed solution that completely alleviates the burden for their clients. With their library of 2,500 EHR workflows, SureTest was built to help manage the 20-40,000 hours a year health systems were spending on EHR testing and the surrounding and integrated third party applications. Saving you time with their quick implementations, money with their speedy ROI delivery, and FtE positions, their solution is a phenomenal way to maintain testing and minimize risk. Check out their booth, number 812, to see a full demo of the solution as well as hear from active clients on how they’ve utilized this solution.

Key Points:
- Many SureTest employees golf Epic certifications
- Built EHR library on Eggplant that can implement new workflows 4-5 times faster, delivering ROI within the year
- SureTest is branching into enterprise solutions, saving the equivalent of 8-12 FtE positions with their solution
- 80-85% of testing becomes automated
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