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Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare: Visibility for Zero Trust

Visibility is the foundation for zero trust. The reality is that threats in healthcare are getting much more complex. There’s a much broader attack surface. It’s extremely hard to know where all of our devices are. It was hard to know where they were before, which brings us to the question, is zero trust even achievable in healthcare? What does visibility look like and what does it mean? If you don't know what devices are out there or if you're not certain that they’re connecting to your network then it's really hard to apply any security techniques against those devices. Medigate created a single platform to help with visibility and understanding of what devices are there and what’s connecting to the network, so you can connect with confidence.

This is episode 1 of 5 on our series “Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare”. Other topics we cover include Mergers and Acquisitions, Holistic Assessments, Improved Device Effectiveness, and Securing OT Assets. Stay tuned for more.

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