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Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare: Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the hardest things to achieve in business is a Merger and Acquisition. Even with a successful M and A, there’s always challenges. There's always stress. And so many questions that must be asked. What technology standards do they operate with? What devices do they have in their environment? What best practices do they adhere to? I think everybody in the world assumes that the CIO knows all this and can identify all the devices and knows what patch version and what risk level etc. But that is not always the case. Connected devices bring complicated risks, so Medigate created a single platform to orchestrate and integrate HDO security throughout your environment, so you can connect with confidence.

This is episode 2 of 5 on our series “Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare”. Other topics we cover include Visibility for Zero Trust, Holistic Assessments, Improved Device Effectiveness, and Securing OT Assets. Stay tuned for more.

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