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What kind of problems arise as a result of starting on a security strategy without doing holistic assessments? We're all trying to improve cybersecurity across healthcare. It’s a never ending job, unfortunately, but knowing where you’re at across different mile markers or points in time, can really help guide you. How do you acquire the data that will allow you to evaluate and refresh your strategy as needed? What processes are in place? How do you bring new devices onto your network? How do you apply or enforce security policy? What processes can you vet or challenge? What technology do you have? Are you missing some key components or are there components that are not talking to each other? From a holistic standpoint, using an external third party can really help to find the gaps. That’s where Medigate comes in. They can help you to identify and quantify all of the threats and then manage those threats within and adapt your existing management structure.

This is episode 3 of 5 on our series “Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare”. Other topics we cover include Visibility for Zero Trust, Mergers and Acquisitions, Improved Device Effectiveness, and Securing OT Assets. Stay tuned for more.

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