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Behind the News: Scott Becker & Bill Russell in a Room. What will these Health IT Reporters Discuss?

Two healthcare journalists go head to head! Scott Becker, Publisher of Beckers and our very own Bill Russell. What is their take on Amazon’s Purchase of OneMedical? What is the tech giant trying to do? The number one aim of smart business is to double down on your strengths and close off your weaknesses. But does this ruthless strategy hurt healthcare? Does the American public care about data privacy? What are their thoughts on big tech having access to their medical data? Teledoc announced 1.3 billion in losses. Is this the future of telehealth? And why did Ohio Health outsource their entire IT team to Accenture?

Key Points:
Healthcare is 20 plus percent of the economy
People only care about data privacy when embarrassing stuff comes out about them
There is still very much the VC view of we don't want to do something unless it's gonna be a huge game changer
We are in a very challenging time economically for health systems


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